About The Organic Artisan Lab

Started in 2005 as MLS Garden Freshest, then came Caress By Nature (Australia) in 2012 until a partnership now called The Organic Artisan Lab. We educate and train skin care enthusiasts, using 100% natural and plant derived ingredients, we make use of Australian Certified Organics from our Certified Organic Ingredient Suppliers, to create a uniquely formulated, high performance skincare, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and nutriceuticals. Our expertise in organic skin care formulation assures our loyal customers of products that are made to nourish and protect the body, passionately caring for the environment.

All Natural (Plant Derived) Ingredients

All the ingredients in our organic skincare and cosmetics have been meticulously researched and selected. Our chemical-free, natural beauty products are created in-house so we control all processes. All our products are vegan, cruelty and gluten free, and are lovingly handcrafted in small batches and come to fruition with loving intention and the utmost care.


Over 12 years of experience in organic soaps and natural skin care, our philosophy is to create all natural, plant derived and made with certified organics, range of skin care that our clients will feel confident to use. An organic cosmeceuticals, nutriceuticals, high performance skin care that is tested safe, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, no nasty chemicals, effective and environment friendly. We offer natural, pure and made with 100% certified organic products for anti-ageing, skin pigmentations and anti-acne for that fresh glowing complexion.

Commitment to Natural and Organic Ingredients

Most of our ingredients begin their life in the soil, not in a laboratory, and the lab synthesized (if a skin care requires) ingredients we do use are amongst the world’s safest and received eccocert approval. This means the majority of our ingredients are natural and organic (not merely a token amount, as is commonplace).

Our formulations harness the very best of what nature has to offer, and when combined with our unique and small batch of respectful manufacture process, preserve the potency and life force of the precious essential oils and organic plant oils we use.

Above all, our commitment to results means that we will never compromise on quality, no matter what the cost.

Commitment to Health through Knowledge

We know that empowerment starts with education and the sharing of knowledge. This knowledge then allows us to make healthier choices about what we put in and on our body. The skin is our largest organ, absorbing everything we apply to it which is why we strongly believe in using ingredients that have a natural affinity with the skin and the body. Ultimately we strive to do no harm.

Commitment to Natural Beauty

Lee Strachan, The Organic Artisan Lab

How do we define beauty? Beauty is something that radiates from within. It is sourced from the strength and confidence in knowing, accepting and loving who we are. We strongly believe women all over the world should feel empowered and respected by the skin care they buy, use and believe in, not disempowered by unrealistic and unattainable enhanced images that does not contain what they promise. We are passionate about embracing the beauty of ageing naturally and gracefully without compromising overall health.

Nature does not hurry, and yet everything is accomplished.

Nature does not do “quick fix”, yet, a promise of natural beauty radiates and illuminates even as we age.