Face and Body Skin Care Supercharged

Simple, Easy, 100% Effective and Clinically Approved

100% SUPERCHARGED Skin Care Series

ANTI-AGEING skin care regimen for All Skin types

  1. Vit ACE Anti-Ageing Collagen Face Wash
    As part of this skin renewing anti-ageing kit, this facial wash is great for All Types of Skin.
    The skin instantly feels soft, plump and baby skin texture. With Vitamins A, C & E, your moisturized
    skin is ready for a youthful glow.
  2. Vit C + Bio Plant Collagen Serum
    A powerful anti-ageing formulation using naturals full of Vit C, collagen and elastin that is bio-
    available for the skin to absorb and be nourished. This organic formula is proven to help reduce the
    appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, protects and diminish skin discolouration (fades sun and age
    spots), tones the skin for a smoother, revitalized complexion. Night Serum.
  3. Vit A & E Hyaluronic Moisturiser Crème Serum
    Your total moisturiser to seal in. Plumps the skin, hydrates fully, moisturises deeply and renews skin
    cells. We use this in all our organic 100% Skin Care Series as it can be applied even the most
    sensitive and problem skin. Night/Day Moisturiser
  4. Vit ACE Anti-Ageing Face Glow Mist
    Use this anti-ageing glow mist whenever your skin needs extra boost. With extra hydration and anti-
    ageing properties from botanical herbs (*Ginseng, *Gotu Kola, *Turmeric) and berries (Bilberry Berries)
    and Vit D, that is rich in anti-oxidants to reduce the signs of biological aging. Day/Night use.